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YoshiNintendo's famous Super Mario has collected, worn, and/or ingested plenty of interesting items during his long career, so how could one ever expect to narrow the field down to the ten best power-ups that the Mushroom Kingdom has to offer?  Over at Crave Online, Erik Norris and Joey Davidson have attempted the impossible by creating a list of the top ten power-ups from the Super Mario franchise.  All of your favorites are there including the Cape Feather, the Tanooki Suit, the Fire Flower, Yoshi, and plenty more.

Anyone who doesn’t consider Yoshi a power-up is a fool, we say. The little green dinosaur that could not only gives you extra life to work with, but he also gives you a longer reach to attack enemies with and longer jumps that look downright adorable. The character was first introduced in Super Mario World and has since become a franchise staple. Seriously, it was a big deal when Yoshi made his powered up return in Super Mario Galaxy 2. And when it comes down to it, try to name another power-up in Mario’s arsenal with booties cuter than Yoshi’s. Impossible!

One power-up that went neglected here is one of my personal favorites, the Metal Cap from Super Mario 64.  Aside from providing an excuse for the Nintendo 64 to show off its ability to render characters out of T-1000 liquid metal, the Metal Cap allowed Mario to slam into just about any obstacle without suffering damage and into any enemy with deadly results.  Better yet, the heavy metal let Mario sink to the bottom of deep water with ease.  It's not as glamorous as a Hammer Bros. Suit or as memorable as the Penguin Suit, but the Metal Cap still deserves its day in the sun.