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Super Monkey Ball 3DI'm still trying to figure out what some people adore about Sega's Super Monkey Ball series, so in the name of broadening my horizons I volunteered to take one for the team and take a look at the new Super Monkey Ball 3D for the Nintendo 3DS for my pals over at Games Are Evil, and now my review of the game has been published.  The short version is that I'm still trying to see what people like about these games.  Here's a bit of the opening:

I must open with a confession: I don’t particularly care for Sega’s Super Monkey Ball franchise. Naturally that makes me the perfect person for the job of reviewing the latest entry in the series, Super Monkey Ball 3D.  I volunteered to take one for the team by having a look at this 3DS release based on the fact that I’ve been told time and again by trusted friends who do like Super Monkey Ball that the total sum of my monkeys in rolling spheres experiences have been the lesser parts of the franchise such as Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll and Super Monkey Ball Adventure. “You’re not playing the right Monkey Balls,” they tell me without a hint of double entendre. So, eager to see if this latest title was the Super Monkey Ball for which I’d been waiting, I rolled in to check it out.

This is the third Monkey Ball game that I've played and I'm still not any closer to feeling the love.  If someone out there wants to recommend the definitive game in the series that I'm just guaranteed to enjoy, please feel free to speak up and I'll check it out if the opportunity comes up.  Otherwise, I think I'm done with it.  For whatever reason, it's just not working for me.