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Nintendo Controller With Built-In Screen Allegedly Seen (Unless, Of Course, It Hasn't)

Project CafeFollowing on from last week's influx of rumors about Nintendo's successor to the Wii comes a report from TechnoBuffalo that offers an alleged image of diagrams depicting the system's supposed new controllers that sport built-in high definition screens.  The speculation is that these images are part of the package circulating around select third-party development offices in the run up to an announcement at E3. 

If the look, fonts and “Nintendo Project Cafe” branding are to be believed, we may be looking at company mock ups that are being sent around third party developer offices right now. It has been rumored by several gaming and tech sites around the net that  Nintendo is: A) Going to unveil their next home console at or before E3, and B) That said system is going to pack controllers with screens built into their faces. The screens will be capable of streaming the console’s content to gamers even when their TVs are off.

Now, on Episode 45 of Power Button we dismissed the crazier rumors that have come out of the original story about Nintendo's next home console with Joey Davidson leading the charge against the more irresponsible reports.  In that spirit, normally I'd pay this image no mind (the Internet community loves to whip up fake images in Photoshop and bait the media with them), but considering that it's Joey himself that wrote the TechnoBuffalo article, I'm willing to go along with this one if he is.  The original source, however, is the infamous 4chan, so that's a wild card if I've ever seen one.  Odds are good that someone created this mock-up based on the controller rumors for amusement's sake.  As Joey says in his report regarding the 4chan connection, "Take this with a massive, massive grain of salt."  So it's definitely fake.  Unless, of course, it isn't.  It's all so exciting!  Real cloak-and-dagger stuff!  We're gonna bring down Nixon with this!*

* Callback to the aforementioned episode of Power Button.