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KirbyWhat, you thought that just because the Nintendo 3DS was the hot new kid on the block that Nintendo would forget its dual-screen roots?  Surprisingly enough, a new adventure in the Kirby franchise for the original non-3D Nintendo DS has been revealed in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.  Going out with a bang, the upcoming Atsumete! Kirby (Japanese title, natch) revolves around commanding a small army of pink puffballs in a side-scrolling platformer title.  1UP has the news.

The gimmick this time is that instead of inhaling enemies and copying their abilities, you're controlling multiple Kirbys at once -- up to ten of them, which you gain by consuming the fruit you pick up in each stage. Controlling these Kirbys is handled with the touch pen -- when you tap on the screen, a star appears, and the Kirbys start to walk toward it. You can double-tap to make them run, and once they reach the star, they'll latch on to it, letting you move the Kirbys around more directly.

In a way it seems fitting that Kirby's (presumably) final DS outing is just as unconventional as his DS debut with Canvas Curse.  This gathering mechanic is an interesting idea that seems to mesh Kirby with the gimmick behind the Game Boy Advance's Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (which, regrettably, was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of dealing with up to four Kirbys at once).  With so many Kirbys in play simultaneously, one might even compare aspects of it to Pikmin.  Either way, the game is due out in Japan before the end of the year and will probably wind up elsewhere sooner or later (perhaps kicked up the food chain to a 3DS title if it seems promising enough).