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GLaDOS For Hire

Portal's GLaDOS is one of the most memorable computer intelligences to come along in years, and her unique vocal cadence (brought to life by Ellen McLain and some post-processing) is darn near impossible to remove from your brain once you're exposed to it for long enough.  Eventually, other AIs from films and televisions no longer get the job done as they once did.  Enter GamesRadar with a solution: replace the AIs from properties such as Star Trek, Knight Rider, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and many more with the first artificial lady of Aperture Science.  The result is strangely hilarious (even if she is uncharacteristically nice in these clips).  Even if the main story of the Portal series if over, I hope that we see GLaDOS again somewhere down the line.  If Valve's titles won't have her, then I know about a dozen other franchises that would.