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Free 3D Excitebike For All!

Excitebike 3D

Nintendo feels the need to give its upcoming eShop on the Nintendo 3DS a little kickstart, as it's been announced that the company will offer a 3D conversion of the Nintendo Entertainment System title Excitebike when the digital marketplace opens later next month.  Here's Game Informer with the scant details:

Excitebike is part of Nintendo's 3D Classics line of downloadable NES and SNES games that have had 3D effects built into them. Nintendo has yet to show off any of these revamped classics in action so it's unclear exactly how they'll look.  Of course, Iwata didn't necessarily say this would be a worldwide deal, so there's a chance it could only happen in Japan.

Hopefully this will be an international deal.  I doubt that there are many people clamoring to carry the original Excitebike around for a fee, 3D or not.  Let's be realistic here; Nintendo isn't going to give away one of its crown jewels like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of ZeldaExcitebike is just fun enough to be worth a few plays, yet not entirely fun enough to be worth the cost of admission for most people.  That makes it the perfect title to offer as a promotion, as I'm sure plenty of 3DS owners will check it out just for the 3D curiosity factor.  I have a difficult time imagining the game rising to the top of the sales charts otherwise.  As for me, I plan to play it until my 3DS's battery goes dead (which, unfortunately, won't take all that long).