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First Look At New Mega Man Comic Book

Mega Man

Archie Comics (yes, the Riverdale people) picked up the license to create comic books based on Capcom's popular Mega Man property a while ago, and now it's nearly time for the first issue to hit stores.  While #1 doesn't debut until next week, The Mega Man Network has scored some early preview pages which reveal a story that looks to follow the script and setting from the original Nintendo Entertainment System title pretty closely.  The opening of the first story begins with Mega Man's assault on Dr. Wily's fortress complete with an attack by multiple Big Eyes and the lack of a door at the entrance to the complex.  Visually, the characters have never looked better in print and I have a feeling based on Mega Man's dialog and internal monologue that the writers plan to present an authentic version of the character.  Basically, I have a good feeling about this and look forward to seeing where it goes.