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End Of The Road For PSPgo

PSP GoWith Sony spending resources on developing its upcoming NGP handheld system, something from the current PlayStation Portable family had to go to make room, so that means that it's time to say farewell to the maligned PSPgo.  MCV has the news that once current PSPgo stock is sold out in the United Kingdom, it's truly gone, while news from Japan suggests that the system is no longer being manufactured at all (though Sony offered a mealy-mouthed quote to half-heartedly repudiate that).  However, I'd rather quote my pal Pete Davison over at GamePro who offers this snappy summation:

According to MCV, a UK retail source has been told that "once current PSPgo stock is sold [they] will not be receiving replenishments." Unsurprisingly, when quizzed on this, Sony's answer mentioned the NGP a whole lot.

Farewell, PSPgo.  I doubt that you will be missed considering that you were less capable and more expensive than your primary PSP counterpart.  Onward and upward to the next thing.  Say, come to think of it, how many different NGPs will there be in the coming years?  What do you suppose the NGPgo will exclude from its hardware compared to a standard unit?  Yes, that was a low blow, but with the PSPgo now entering retirement, the opportunity for fresh jokes at its expense is rapidly dwindling.  I have to get these swipes in while I can.