End Of The Road For PSPgo
Three Minutes Of Sonic Generations Footage

And Now, A Moment With Cave Johnson

How is everyone enjoying Valve's Portal 2?  I started on the Sony PlayStation 3 version of the game yesterday evening and clocked in a few hours in the single-player story and then teamed up with my pal and Power Button cohort Brad Hilderbrand to see what the cooperative campaign had to offer.  I'll have some thoughts on the experience soon and we'll talk more about Portal 2 on the next episode of Power Button, but in the meantime I have to share this dialog snippet in which we hear Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson's thoughts on what happens with life gives us lemons.  I haven't reached this point in the game yet, but couldn't resist checking out a little out-of-context Johnson madness and figured, hey, why not share?  We're done here.