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Weekly Poll: Kong Gone

Weekly Poll for 2-28-2011Most of you out there are holding off on purchasing a Nintendo 3DS, while others have taken the plunge with preorders already.  The 3DS seems to be a divisive issue in the community.  I know that the launch library isn't as amazing as past Nintendo systems, and of course money is tight everywhere now thanks to the terrible economy.  Still, I'm going ahead and getting one.  Pilotwings Resort has me intrigued and I liked what I played of it at E3 last year.  Besides, thanks to running PTB I can classify it as simply the cost of doing business and erase any hesitation I may have (paying for the whole thing with accumulated gift cards / credit helps, too).  For those of you on the fence, I'll let you know what I think of the system once I get my eager hands on it.  As for the 3.3% of you that have a unit from Japan already, what do you think of it?

Moving on, one of the news items that came out of the Game Developers Conference last week was that Nintendo and Retro Studios are not planning a sequel to last year's Donkey Kong Country Returns.  Does this news disappoint you?  Were you anticipating a new adventure for Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong this holiday season in the spirit of 1995's Donkey Kong Country 2?  Or are you alright with the franchise taking a rest again for an unspecified while?  Let's hear your thoughts.