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Grand Theft Auto Sequel Could Be Headed To Los Angeles

Nico Bellic at the LACCI enjoy the general principle of the Grand Theft Auto titles, although the only one I've ever actually finished is Chinatown Wars.  Grand Theft Auto IV and its expansions provided a world that was just too large for me to complete, although I love to walk (and drive) through its world and explore.  That's why despite knowing that I probably won't finish it, I'm interested in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar.  The game is still shrouded in mystery, but some early information about it has escaped to the Internet.  VGHQ has summarized it all, and what has me most excited is the setting this time around: modern Los Angeles (or a fictionalized version of it just as Liberty City is kinda-sorta New York City and Vice City is kinda-sorta Miami).

[A]mong the projects listed in the casting call was an “interactive project” called “Rush,” which featured characters that fit with the… few details I heard about GTA5; outlandish characters, weed, gangsters, & celebrities fit the profile for a contemporary [Los Angeles]-set GTA game.

Rockstar, if the next Grand Theft Auto adventure is set in Los Angeles, then do me one favor: feature a mission that requires the player to crash the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or a fictionalized gaming trade show that closely resembles it).  The potential for mayhem,  amusement, and clever in-jokes is too darn high not to include it.  Imagine a mission that requires sneaking into West Hall past security and stealing a valuable prototype, then delivering it to the competition in South Hall for a grand payout.  I've never wanted to see something included in a GTA game so adamantly.