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Demand Answers From Mega Man Comic Staff

Mega Man Did you know that there's going to be a monthly Mega Man comic book starting soon?  It's true!  Archie Comics picked up the rights recently and is about to gear up and release the first issue.  However, you may have questions about the comic for which you'd like answers.  Which Robot Masters will be featured in the ongoing story?  Come to think of it, will there be an ongoing story or will each issue revolve around single self-contained tales?  Will the tone play up the serious angle of robot combat or are we looking at something a little more tongue-in-cheek?  Can we just completely disregard the characterizations from the 1990s animated production?  Yes, you should demand answers to all of your burning queries, and fortunately The Mega Man Network is poised to assist.  They're taking questions that will soon be passed on to Archie for a proper response.  Here are the details:

Perhaps you are hesitant to subscribe for some reason or another. Maybe you aren’t sure whether Archie is up to the task, or Dreamwave’s production in the early 2000′s left a bad taste in your mouth. Perhaps you simply have other doubts, questions which need to be answered before you feel secure in handing over your money each month for a dose of Blue Bomber goodness.

Worry not! We’re here to help. Until midnight PST on Sunday, April 3rd, we are taking your questions about the comic for the fine folks at Archie Comics, which we will deliver in an interview to be posted soon after.  To participate in this, you can e-mail us at @ with the subject “Archie Mega Man Interview”.

I'm curious to see how this comic ends up.  I'd love to see something like what BOOM Studios has done recently with its Darkwing Duck revival: appropriate for all ages, but really aimed at today's twenty- and thirty-somethings who grew up with the characters.  Is Archie up to the challenge?  We'll find out soon enough.