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Why Not Revive Mega Man Mania?

Mega Man ManiaOnce upon a time in the year 200X, Capcom had plans to remake their five Mega Man titles for the original Game Boy for the Game Boy Advance under the name Mega Man Mania.  The remakes would be in full color and peacefully co-exist on a single game pak.  The development period went on and on (and the game even changed names to Mega Man Anniversary Collection despite missing the actual anniversary it was targetting) until, eventually, Capcom canceled the game entirely and refunded all of the money it collected for pre-orders.  Rumors at the time rumbled that Capcom somehow lost the original source code to the Game Boy titles, while other rumors claimed that the compilation had been kicked upstairs to become a Nintendo DS title (like I said: the game had a long development period).  Ultimately, though, the title is dead and buried.  Adam Anania over at The Mega Man Network dreams of a revival for the lost compilation and makes a decent case for a Nintendo 3DS version of the game along with some attention-grabbing mock screenshots.

Truthfully I’m not really concerned over what kind of visual style it should have. Hand-drawn sprites? 3D models? It makes little difference to me, so long as the game has a fresh and consistent look. If anything I would prefer it to look “video gamey” and not try to be particularly stylish in any sense. I also don’t think the 3DS’s 3D effects will play a very important role. But for an example this is pretty attractive looking, don’t you think?

As I was saying, given the advancement of gaming technology it does make sense to update the look, without putting in needless amounts of effort. New Super Mario Bros. is a great example of this. It also helps to give each game a good, consistent feel. This mostly applies to Mega Man II, the black sheep of the Game Boy titles. It has content from two of the best selling Mega Man games ever made, but its mechanics and execution are terrible. Even Keiji Inafune commented in Mega Man: Official Complete Works how poorly Mega Man II turned out. However, with the right effort and care, Mega Man II could be a fantastic game! I’d even retain its original music, which can sound great given the right treatment.

If done right, I'd love to see a 3DS version of Mega Man Mania.  What sets this pitch apart from the original dead Capcom version is that this pitch actually wants to see a true remake; as in, each game in the set is remade from scratch.  There's no need to apply that original source code since the changes Anania outlines would call for a ground-up creation instead of a colorized port.  It would take more resources to make a reality, of course, but it's certainly possible.  On the other hand, if Capcom were to go ahead with this general idea, why would they combine five games into a single package?  It's much more likely that they'd divide them into five separate titles and offer them up as individual 3DSWare purchases or some such thing.  I'm afraid that the days of five classic Mega Man games on a single cartridge — in any format — are behind us.