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DuckTales While working on Disney Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii last year, developer Warren Spector made a point of saying that his real Disney dream project would be to work with the DuckTales franchise.  As a kid I watched The Disney Afternoon each morning (we had a satellite dish that could pick up syndicated programming wildfeeds, so I'd watch the day's new Darkwing Duck over breakfast before school), so if Spector wants to work on new DuckTales adventures for Uncle Scrooge with the same love of the property has he brought to Mickey Mouse (camera issues aside), goodness knows I'm interested.  All of this brings us to today's announcement that Spector's next project is writing the new DuckTales comic book.  Well, that's getting closer.  Here's Newsarama:

BOOM! publisher and CEO Ross Richie indicated Wednesday in a statement to Newsarama that despite losing the Pixar license to Disney subsidiary Marvel, Mickey Mouse and other classic Disney characters would be sticking with BOOM! for the forseeable future.

The DuckTales comic will be written by Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector and illustrated by veteran Disney comic artist Miquel Pujol. DuckTales aired in syndication from 1987 to 1990, starring Uncle Scrooge and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Many of the episodes were based on noted Uncle Scrooge comic book stories by Carl Barks.

If the DuckTales comics do well, perhaps the Powers That Be can be persuaded to give Spector the keys to a new DuckTales video game.  Disney's video game priorities have changed in the wake of Epic Mickey, but if this industry has taught me anything over the years, it's to never say never. Capcom still holds the record for "Best DuckTales Game" after its 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System title.  Maybe Spector could take a run at it.

Say, we know that Spector likes DuckTales, but how does he feel about Darkwing Duck?