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Kevin ButlerSony has been going on a legal rampage lately as the company attempts to bring the hammer down on anyone who posts its not-so-private PlayStation 3 root cryptography key on the Internet.  Anyone who dares post the 1A 2B 3C styled key will find themselves lawyered in an orderly fashion.  No exceptions!  Except, um, for Sony's own Kevin Butler persona who was goaded into retweeting the key via the pitchman character's novelty Twitter account.  Oops!  Engadget reveals the shocking scandal:

Oh, honey. Sony PlayStation's (entirely fictional) Kevin Butler holds many (also fictional) positions within the company, but apparently none of them require him to keep up with (very real) news events. Travis La Marr (aka @exiva) tweeted the now-infamous PS3 METLDR root key towards Butler with the challenge to "Come at me." What's a spokeperson to do but confuse it for a Battleship reference and retweet the entire code? Obviously someone let him in on the joke, as the tweet's since been removed.

I imagine that some poor community manager ended up on the bad end of a stern lecture over this one.  Remember, when the lawyers ask where you learned the PS3's private key, tell them that Kevin Butler, Vice President of Hacking and Cracking, told you.