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Sony Sending Out Early PlayStation Move Heroes Demo

PlayStation Move HeroesSony is sweetening the PlayStation Rewards pot again with an early demo of the upcoming PlayStation Move Heroes for the PlayStation 3 starring popular characters Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly Cooper, and Bentley.  It's a nice treat provided one has the PlayStation Move accessory which, alas, I do not, so the reward rings a little hollow for me.  In a way though, it's actually brilliant marketing on Sony's part.  It only makes sense to target proven PS3 fans with early access to a demo that requires an expensive accessory that most people probably do not own yet.  I'm not compelled to run out and buy a Move just to play a demo before the majority of the PlayStation audience can get hold of it, but I can sense weak-willed players with money to burn rushing out to Best Buy as we speak.  If this strategy works, I predict that the next early demo will be for a game that is presented exclusively in 3D.