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Bubble ManCapcom continues to make its 1999 Sony PlayStation reworkings of its classic 1987 - 1993 Nintendo Entertainment System era Mega Man titles available for the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network here in 2011 (whew!) as Mega Man 2 arrived on the PlayStation Store this week for $5 ($3 for PlayStation Plus members) under its Rockman 2 Complete Works guise.  Why should you possibly consider buying a game that you probably own at least once in another format one more time?  Would the partially remixed soundtrack sway you?  See, these early Complete Works remakes contain some secret special tunes that play during some stages if one holds down the Select button when choosing to start an enhanced game.  For your auditory consideration, here's a medley of remixed music to simulate the experience of taking down Bubble Man from stage select to stage clear.  Say what you will about the double or triple dip going on here or the fact that Capcom wasn't interested in localizing the Japanese text found in this import release, but all I know is that whenever I come to a stage that includes an enhanced soundtrack, I can't stop smiling.