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New Super Mario WorldFor as crazy as we all went for 2006's New Super Mario Bros. and 2009's New Super Mario Bros. Wii, how do you think the gaming community would react to a New Super Mario World?  Kotaku is the one that invoked the mythical title, and while plenty of people have come up with hypothetical dream titles, this one may have a grain of possibility within it.  See, in a recent Iwata Asks column about the twenty-fifth anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros. (yep, that's still being discussed), Shigeru Miyamoto casually mentions that he's working on a Super Mario Bros. title for the Nintendo 3DS.  Well, of course he is.  I think we all kind of knew that already even without an official announcement.  Michael McWhertor has linked Miyamoto's recent statement with a previous statement regarding modernized Mario adventures.

Miyamoto previously spoke on the possibility of a new Super Mario Bros. game for the 3DS, saying he'd like to explore a 3D take on , originally released on the Super Nintendo. New Super Mario World, anyone?

Sign me up for that, please.  However, since the previous two New titles aped plenty of elements from the original Super Mario World (map screen, rideable Yoshi, Koopa Kid battles, the Koopa clown car, etc.), it's hard to see what's left from that classic title to give a modern upgrade.  The cape power-up, maybe?  Multicolor Yoshis with their own unique abilities?  Chargin' Chucks?  There must be something more intrinsic left to revisit.