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Jurassic ParkThe Jurassic Park film series has been delivering diminishing returns over several sequels and it's always surprised me that no sequel has addressed the plot element left dangling in the first film.  Remember when Newman Nedry is killed by a pack of dinosaurs and his stolen shaving cream can of dinosaur embryos rolls away into the muck?  Whatever happened to that?  Telltale Games is going to answer that question as this debut trailer for the company's upcoming Jurassic Park: The Game showcases right from the top.  Oh, and there are also dinosaurs and action sequences. Take a look:

It's a shame that Nedry is dead, as I'd love to hear Wayne Knight reprise him for the video game.  Wayne Knight makes any project he's a part of better just by association.  At least we know that one member of the film's original cast will be back to reprise her character: the dinosaur.  That mighty roar is iconic and unmistakable.  Jurassic Park breaks out of its pen in April for the PC and Mac (at least) for a pre-order price of $29.99.