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It's Heroes Versus Villains On New OverClocked Remix Album

For every light there is a shadow.  For every thunderstorm there is a rainbow.  For every flame there is a... fire extinguisher, I guess.  Point is, every hero has a villain, and OverClocked Remix is celebrating this classic tradition with a new album composed with the Bad Dudes.  Hero themes and villain themes from classic video game franchises have come together in a musical duel in this freely downloadable album, Heroes Versus Villains.  Old and new alike are featured from Mega Man to God of War to Kirby to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Metroid to Streets of Rage and beyond.  For every hero theme (say, Simon Belmont's traditional tune from Castlevania) you get the villainous flip side (Dracula's dirge, for instance).  This album is an amazing accomplishment and definitely some of the best work released under the OC Remix banner.  Check out the preview video above, download the album, and give it a go.  I think you'll be impressed.  I know I am.