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Before you get too excited, note that this video isn't a trailer for a fan-created game or an official Nintendo production.  It's an animation created by Mass Panic Productions frame by frame that reworks the original Donkey Kong arcade style of gameplay with a Super NES aesthetic by lifting character imagery and objects from Nintendo's own Donkey Kong Country trilogy and the Nintendo/Square co-production of Super Mario RPG.  Still, it's an impressive jolt of "what if?" and really has me wanting to see a true sequel to Mario vs Donkey Kong that doesn't involve marching mini toys and Lemmings-style puzzle elements.  Imagine what Nintendo's developers could do with some of the elements on display in this video such as the magnets playing havoc with steel barrels and the inclusion of traditional Super Mario power-ups such as the Fire Flower.  There's so much potential here that somebody needs to pick it up and run with it.

(via Reddit)