Use The Forks, Kirby!
Drill Dozer Demands Your Attention

And Now, A Gusty Garden Piano Solo

Mario Not all video game music remixes are pure energy and bombast.  Sometimes OverClocked Remix publishes something a little more pure and a little more melodic.  Consider remixer Squint and his take on the best musical element to come out of Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy: the theme from the Gusty Garden Galaxy.  This is a solo piano piece arrangement that starts out simple, picks up some emotion, swings into a jazzy riff, and still finds time to incorporate the traditional Super Mario overworld melody near the close.  I've been wrapped up with the OC Remix Heroes Versus Villains album since it was released earlier this week, but "Gusty Piano In A Garden" has diverted my attention for the moment.  Check it out here, then head over to OC Remix to read the full backstory on its creation and download the MP3 for yourself.