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Weekly Poll: Mass Effectiveness

Weekly Poll for 1-10-2011An overwhelming majority of you own the bulk of you gaming collection in a cartridge or disc format.  That was to be considered since physical storage formats have a massive head start on digital distribution, but I thought it was a question worth asking.  With the rise of Steam and other such services, it seems that more and more people are foresaking a trip to GameStop or time with  I certainly know that I have more physical games that downloaded titles, although my Steam game list has become quite populated over the last few years.  We can thank the annual holiday sale for that.

Moving on, Bioware's Mass Effect 2 is finally making the leap from the Microsoft Xbox 360 and PC realms to the Sony PlayStation 3 this week.  Downloadable expansion content originally released for the Xbox 360 and PC are also included.  Are you planning on playing it on the PS3?  Is it your first time through the game ora replay?  Have you already played it on another format (and once was enough)?  Or are you just completely disinterested?  Let's hear your plans.