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Weekly Poll: I Made This

Weekly Poll for 1-17-2011Most of you have already played Mass Effect 2, so there's no need to revisit it for the Sony PlayStation 3.  I had wanted to play it (it comes highly recommended from trustworthy sources), but considering that the in-game Cerberus Network requires one of those Online Pass-type codes from Electronic Arts (so renting it is out) and I just have too many other games I've already purchased or rented that need attention, I'm going to have to pass on this one for now.  Down the line when it's a PS3 Greatest Hits release on deep discount I'll reconsider, but right now I'm not made of time or $60 increments.

Moving on, I rented Sony's new LittleBigPlanet 2 (which is rental friendly) and have enjoyed the Story mode, but what I really wanted to explore are the community-created levels.  Sackboy's latest adventure provides a full suite of level editors and other creation tools (that's basically the whole point of the franchise, after all) and I saw some truly inspired creations during the game's beta period.  So I fired up the Community mode in the final version of the game expecting greatness and guess what I see?  Lazy levels meant to award as many in-game pins and Trophies as possible in a single bound.  Half-assed level descriptions written in txt speak.  Pitiful begging for other players to "heart" the level's creator.  It's junk!  All junk!  We hear so much that community-created content is important to video gaming as a whole, and yet here we see the lackluster result when players are given the keys to the kingdom.  Do you believe that user-driven material is important to the art form?  Or is it all flash and little substance?  Let's hear your thoughts.  Better yet, recommend some quality user-created LBP2 levels for me to try.  So far I'm depressingly underwhelmed.