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UPDATE: It's not.  This is.

With Sony's announcement and reveal of the new PlayStation Portable 2 apparently just days away, it shouldn't be so surprising that images of the new device are starting to leak out.  At least, that's the word on the street.  This image of an alleged PSP2 is making the rounds today, although whether it's a snapshot of an official Sony document or someone's detailed hypothetical creation remains to be seen.  Let's have Joey Davidson break it all down for us over at TechnoBuffalo:

Notice the top of the text that runs along the bottom. Not that this confirms a whole heap of anything, but that appears to be a copyright stamp next to the year 2011. Either this Photoshopper has gone through a lot of trouble, or this is legitimately a piece of some physical press packet destined to be handed out on Thursday. That certainly adds some credence to the notion that Sony is leaking the material themselves, though we know for sure they’d never own up to it.

The PSP2 has been rumored to be dropping UMD support, the software mediums above prove that notion. The touch screen interface has also been heard of, thus the stylus. One does have to worry, however, about the location of the two thumbsticks here. Many users have complained about a similar positioning of the single thumbstick on the Go.

If this is the real deal, I could see myself owning one.  Then again, when it comes to hardware like this, in the end it's all really about the software.  I'll need to see a list of launch titles and a price tag before deciding to climb aboard this one on the first day.  I've already made plans to pick up a Nintendo 3DS in the near future and really can't spring for two pricey handheld systems in the same timeframe.  So, basically, I'm saying that I need to be wowed before I can commit.  Show me a PlayStation 3-caliber Ratchet & Clank title or that often-wished Mega Man 2: Powered Up, however, and all bets are off.