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Jurassic ParkEver heard a dinosaur bellow "Jaaaaaasooooon!"?  Alright, that was a low blow, but the joke writes itself once you hear that the upcoming Jurassic Park episodic game from Telltale Games will feature less action than one would expect in an adventure about running from hungry dinosaurs and will instead follow in the footsteps of Quantic Dream's Heavy RainThe Escapist has the news:

A new feature in Game Informer has revealed that Jurassic Park only landed at Telltale Games because Universal didn't want another first-person shooter in the franchise. Still, Telltale Games' proven adventure game process doesn't exactly seem like a perfect fit for the suspenseful Jurassic Park either. Telltale realizes this, and is going above and beyond to develop something new for Jurassic Park: Episode 1.

Telltale's Jurassic Park will still feel like a Telltale adventure game, but with a bit more spice. Telltale has studied the films and believes that Jurassic Park must feature both slower-paced character building with the tense and terrifying experience of a dinosaur jumping out of a bush. To do so, Telltale is taking inspiration from Heavy Rain.

Jurassic Park's gameplay is still being crafted, but executive director Kevin Boyle says players will experience moments where they must investigate or explore, which will be followed by tense portions that leave players scrambling and possibly performing Heavy Rain style inputs. Also similar to Heavy Rain, players will have some aspect of choice that will change Jurassic Park's story, though the system Telltale is implementing isn't nearly as open-ended.

As for the storyline, the article goes on to mention that the plot will tie up some of the loose ends from the film (including the fate of the lost embryos hidden away in a can of shaving cream).  As long as Jurassic Park's first episode doesn't open with a child being run down by a car in the middle of a busy street, I think I'll be alright with it.  But seriously, I really don't have much of a wish list for Telltale's Jurassic Park.  While I liked the first movie, the sequels never really did much for me and while I'm open to playing the game, it's not high on my list in the way that Telltale's other Universal co-production (you know, the one about time travel) is.  I'm just hoping for a well-made game with some fun and a surprise or two. 

(via Joystiq)