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It's Hard To Take These Pokémon Seriously

BidoofConsidering that there are hundreds of Pokémon to be caught in Nintendo's popular series of Pokémon video games, it's probable that they can't all be adorable little critters.  Sure, everyone knows the cute electric mouse Pikachu, but there are plenty of other pocket-sized monsters that lean the other way on the cute/ugly scale.  Joey Davidson of Crave Online (you may also know him from the Power Button podcast) has gone to tireless effort to study all of the many Pokémon out there and has come up with a list of twelve of the absoute dumbest-looking species ever to grace a Pokéball.  You'll find all of your goofy favorites on the list such as Mr. Mime, Jynx, and...


1st Appearance: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

Why this Pokémon made the list: Oh, Bidoof... This is actually a Pokémon I specifically remember physically laughing at the first time he jumped me in the tall grass. Between the absurd teeth and the awkward beaver beard, Bidoof will always rank as one of the dumbest looking Pocket Monsters ever conceived.

Pokémon isn't really my thing, but I can respect a list of stupid-looking monsters when I see it.  Some of these character designs really make me wonder just how close to a deadline some of the designers came when dreaming up these strange creations.