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Here's Another Chance To Buy Mega Man

Rockman Complete Works Oh, original Nintendo Entertainment System version of Mega Man.  How many ways do I own thee?  Let me count the ways.  There's the classic cartridge, of course.  The Mega Man Anniversary Collection for GameCube is a favorite compilation.  Then there's... hmm... wait... do I really only own Mega Man twice?  I need to do something about this as soon as possible.  If only there were another semi-unique version of the game that I could buy!  Where am I going to find such a thing on short notice?  Capcom, please, you gotta do something!

In Japan, Mega Man 1-6 were released on PlayStation 1 as part of the Rockman Complete Works series. Each game got its own disc release with an original port of the game, as well as an additional navi mode that helped players navigate through the stages of each game. There were also a few other changes, such as HUD enhancements.  At any rate, we are happy to announce that the Japanese port of Rockman Complete Works: Mega Man is out this week on the PlayStation Network for $5.99!

Whew, that's better!  Granted, this edition is entirely in Japanese, but it's not like Mega Man sports endless dialog sequences.  $6 is a good deal for this if you don't already own the game in some format, but what I'm really looking forward to are the hopefully inevitable releases of the final three installments of the Complete Works set that sport remixed music.  I'm a sucker for remixed music inserted into a beloved classic video game.