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Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Ties?

While this comic book is not a real issue, it really should be.  Created by Dean Kotz, this grand match-up between Batman and Donkey Kong would truly be one for the ages.  Sadly for Nintendo fans, it's assured that Batman would win the fight.  There's the fact that Batman always wins because he's crazy-prepared, yes, but taking on a giant gorilla isn't unheard of for the caped crusader.  After all, Batman has taken down Gorilla Grodd before, and I suspect that defeating one large gorilla is pretty much like defeating any other.  Come to think of it, I say to skip the dramatic fight and instead go the other way with it: Batman and Donkey Kong should team up!  They could foil King K. Rool and the Joker.  I think we'd all pay good money to see that. 

(via The Bow on Birdo)