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Donkey Kong Country Returns concept art

It certainly seems as if Donkey Kong is enjoying a resurrgence lately.  It's almost impossible to go very long without hearing something new about the character or one of his games.  Keeping the trend alive, GameSetWatch points out some striking pieces of concept artwork created by Retro Studios as part of production on Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii.  Some of the scenes and settings seen in the portfolio did make it into the game (note the Donkey Kong ziggurat holding a Wii remote, for instance).  My favorite piece has to be the barrel factory, Barrel&\orBarrel, that evokes imagery from the original Donkey Kong arcade game as well as the pieces and parts that make up the history of Nintendo hardware.  Look closely and you'll see controller ports, power buttons, control pad pieces, and plenty of other little elements that will make you smile.  Why are these samples not available for sale as full-size frameable prints?  They're all irresistibly charming.