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Super Metroid: RemasteredYou need more Super Metroid music in your day and there's no better way to meet your daily recommend quota of songs based on Nintendo's beloved 1994 Super NES title than by downloading the free arrangement album Super Metroid: Remastered from Tenchux Productions.  Twenty-two tracks of timeless Zebesian goodness await in tunes such as "Theme of Super Metroid", "Theme of Samus Aran", "Norfair (Hot Lava Area)", "Big Boss Confrontation (Ridley - Draygon) + Escape", and the chilling "Mother Brain Confrontation".  Here's a sample via YouTube of the aforementioned Ridley/Draygon confrontation track and a few comments from the creator behind it all.

As such due to it's repetitive and highly energetic nature I decided to go a little crazy on the synths during a few parts of the song. I think it really fits the whole "Ridley" feel though, so I didn't think twice about if I should or shouldn't do it, even this this album is highly atmospheric and ambient. I'm very pleased with how the song came out.

I don't usually come back to the Super Metroid soundtrack, but this take on it is entertainingly well done and is a joy to hear.  While you can't beat the price, the creator is asking for donations to the annual Child's Play charity if you want to kick a little monetary thanks to someone in return for the audio goodness.