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Much More Mayhem In Panau With Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2Holiday vacation downtime means more time to explore the island nation of Panau in Just Cause 2 for the Sony PlayStation 3 (also available on Microsoft Xbox 360 and PC) from Square-Enix and Avalanche Studios, and of course that means that it's time for more video clips of some of my chaotic exploits.  It continues to amaze me how much fun I've had playing this game and for how long I've played it.  Closing in on seventy hours of gameplay, I've only cleared 62% of the various objectives and goals.  Here are a few scenes of my recent progress for your enjoyment.  Today's theme?  Great moments in awesome stupidity.

Sometimes I think that the Panauan military forces aren't the best pilots.

Offroad shortcuts are great until the road disappears out from under the truck.

As it turns out, the Panauan civilians aren't exactly great pilots either.

While being pursued by a Panauan military helicopter, Just Cause 2's camera decides to have a freak attack and go wild while I try to escape on foot. It takes a while to stabilize, and until it does I cannot control it. I'm basically running blind here.

Then again, I suppose I shouldn't criticize the other pilots considering what happened with this helicopter.

Just Cause 2 Video Mayhem