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In Which I Top The Billy Joel Rock Band 3 Leaderboards

Flawless VictoryI've been waiting years... years!... for a Rock Band title to include an extensive collection of Billy Joel's greatest hits, and today I finally got my wish as twelve of the piano man's songs have been added to the game as a downloadable track pack.  Now, when I first started playing Rock Band 3 on my Sony PlayStation 3, I jumped to near the top of the leaderboards for some of my favorite music.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any photos to prove my achievements back then, so when I dug into the Billy Joel tunes this evening, I was sure to take photos of my score for each song (pardon the rapid-fire iPhone camera quality, please).  I was in early on the DLC action so I'm sure these records have been toppled by now, but for a brief while today I was #1 on the leaderboard for every single Billy Joel song in Rock Band 3.  So, now, I have to be a big shot.  It's bragging time.  Behold, the proof!

Big Shot

Captain Jack

The Entertainer

It's Still Rock n Roll To Me

Movin' Out

Only The Good Die Young

Piano Man

Say Goodbye To Hollywood

The Stranger

We Didn't Start The Fire

You May Be Right