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GoldenEye 007The GoldenEye 007 title of the Nintendo 64 era has a lot going for it and is still beloved today, but as progress has shown us, even great things can be improved.  Consider the new Activision/Eurocom reworking of GoldenEye for the Nintendo Wii  which, by an amazing coincidence, is also called GoldenEye 007.  It's not trying to be just a video game.  No, it's also aiming to be a cinematic experience.  Do you recall how the end of the first level of the Nintendo 64 title ended?  As in the GoldenEye film, James Bond uses a bungee cord to jump from the top of the dam and gracefully plummets safely to the facility entry below.  Here's a refresher in case your memory needs a jolt:

The new GoldenEye title shows early that it's not content to be a mere remake of the original game.  Take a look at the same scene reimagined with Daniel Craig in the Bond role and a decidedly different outcome as everyone's favorite British secret agent finds his escape interrupted.  I fired up my video capture box and sneaked this valuable intel to you from behind enemy lines:

Now that's how you open a James Bond video game!  I was floored when a traditional 007 opening credits sequence unexpectedly flared up in the middle of Bond's descent.  Up until that moment I wasn't quite feeling the reworked GoldenEye aesthetic, but once the familiar opening beats of the GoldenEye film theme faded up and the ALBERT R BROCCOLI'S EON PRODUCTIONS LIMITED PRESENTS credit rotated into view, I realized what was happening here (truth be told, I pumped my fist and let out a triumphant "Yeah!").  This new GoldenEye wants to be more like a movie and less like a game.  It wants to capture the Bond film essence as a whole.  Rather or not it succeeds at that goal completely is up for debate, but I can't think of a better way to kick off the action than what you see here.