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Free Sam & Max Coming To PlayStation Plus

Sam and Max - The Devils PlayhouseThe time has come for me to make a pronouncement: attention all North American PlayStation Plus subscribers!  Hear me!  You will play all five episodes of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse for the Sony PlayStation 3 when the episodic series is made available for free later this month on December 14!  The Devil's Playhouse is the most entertaining, most hilarious, most enjoyable episodic series that I've played this year!  It even made the cut into my 2010 Holiday Gift Guide! I cannot recommend it enough, particularly when it is free!  Those who pass up this opportunity will regret it forever!  Do not deprive yourself of the magnificent work of Telltale Games!  I have spoken!

What, multiple exclamation marks aren't enough to convince you?  You could always read my review of each episode, but watch out for extensive spoilers.

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