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First Back To The Future Trailer Will Flux Your Capacitor

Back To The FuturePrepare yourselves for temporal displacement!  Telltale Games has opened the back of its big truck and unrolled the first actual Back to the Future: The Game trailer for its upcoming episodic adventure series for the Sony PlayStation 3, PC, Mac, and iPad that gives us the setup for the storyline.  Opening on May 14, 1986, Marty McFly is distraught at the bank selling Doc Brown's estate.  Suddenly, the DeLorean time machine appears following the familiar sonic booms, and then... well, see for yourself!

Things I love about this trailer: the Polaroid photograph changing, the use of the white-lettered date against a black screen, the level of detail in Doc Brown's lab (including the Clock Tower Square model from 1955 which is still sitting out in 1986 for some reason), a brief appearance by George McFly, Marty McFly's "life preserver" vest, the DeLorean covered in ice, the use of both the Alan Silvestri score from the films and "Back In Time" from Huey Lewis and the News, and if you look quickly, you can see that Doc is stuck in June 1931 and that this DeLorean has no "Last Time Departed" (but it must have come from somewhere, right?).  I can't stop watching this trailer.  The first episode is due out sometime this month and I can't wait to play it.  If only there were some way to skip ahead a few weeks somehow...