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2010, In Which We Were Disappointed

Vanquish2010 offered a lot of fantastic video games: Just Cause 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns... you get the idea.  Then there were the games that let us down after a tremendous build-up.  Remember when we were all itching to play games like Dark Void and Alpha ProtocolWired's GameLife has been keeping score this year and has offered up a list of the ten most disappointing games to grace our consoles in the past 365 days.  You'll see some expected entries, some familiar faces, and plenty of things upon which to agree.  For instance, consider Vanquish from Sega and Platinum Games:

From a distance, it seemed like Platinum Games' latest would be the complete package — a fast-paced, immaculately tuned shooter that brutally skewered the American videogame hero. But Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) couldn't deliver characters or story that lived up to the killer game design. Instead, Vanquish delivered the same tone-deaf, over-the-top genre silliness we've been choking down for the last 20 years. It's time to stop forgiving our favorite designers for bunts when they could be knocking their games out of the park.

Other items of note: two Final Fantasy games make the list (ouch!), Crackdown 2 takes another beating, APB is held up for its moment of shame, and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I gets the disapproving nod.  While Sonic 4 didn't live up to its Genesis predecessors, it was definitely a step in the right direction for that flavor of the franchise.  Compared to the Sonic games of the last five years or so, it's a revelation.  Granted that Sonic Colors surprisingly blew it out of the water, I don't think it belongs on this list.  Sonic has many crimes for which to answer, but this isn't one of them.