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Weekly Poll: Return Of The Plumber

Weekly Poll for 10-25-2010I'm very disappointed that more of you aren't interested in Rock Band 3.  I know that the whole music game genre is basically overdone, but if you're someone like me you didn't get started with the Rock Band series until this new iteration, then you probably think it's the best thing ever.  I know I do and I haven't even picked up the keyboard controller yet.  There's enough of my favorite music included in this edition that I'm happy with it.  What's really disappointed me is that my friends who are buying the game are all going with the Microsoft Xbox 360 version, meaning that I and my Sony PlayStation 3 are left to perform alone.  You can hear more about Rock Band 3 on Episode 27 of Power Button coming later this week.

Looking ahead, now that Nintendo is bringing (or has brought, depending on your region) Super Mario All-Stars back for the Wii, I have to ask about your plans to buy it.  Will you take the All-Stars plunge after all these years?  Is the soundtrack and history booklet worth your investment?  Are you just going to flip it on eBay next year once it's out of print?  Or are you going to pass?  Let's hear your thoughts.