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Weekly Poll: Beta Blowout

Weekly Poll for 11-1-2010Most of you are springing for Super Mario All-Stars when it comes back for the Nintendo Wii.  I'm always glad to have more evidence that classic gaming isn't dead and that solid titles from yesteryear are still relevant and fun in today's modern age.  I, of course, am picking up the compilation.  I already have it preordered.  Why am I buying this game again when I not only already own the cartridge version, but also all of the games found on it in their original formats?  It's the collector mentality at work, I suppose, or perhaps it's the soundtrack and history booklet that are included in the deal this time.  Either way, I'm going for it.

For this week's topic I'd like to ask you about those ubiquitous multiplayer betas that keep popping up for eagerly awaited games for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.  Developers and publishers have been treating access to betas as contest prizes and preorder incentives by issuing invitations to the fortunate few who register for a giveaway or plunk down $5 at GameStop before the deadline.  If invited to a beta, do you participate?  Did you eagerly race to snag a Killzone 3 beta invitation?  Did the latest Halo beta keep you up late at night?  Or did you yawn when a Dead Space 2 beta invitation arrived in your inbox?  Let's hear your thoughts.