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Castlevania ResurrectionLots of things "almost happen" in the video game industry.  Games near completion are suddenly canceled, other games make for a great pitch but never become actual products, companies nearly merge, and franchises almost die or perhaps come close to a return.  When you consider all of the nearly-weres and almost-wases, it's difficult to narrow them all down to a list of a mere twenty items, but 1UP found a way with its list of the twenty biggest things that almost happened in the video game industry.  There's lots of gossip goodies to be found here including dirt on Castlevania for the Sega Dreamcast, the shelved Star Fox 2, the long-dead EarthBound 64, the intriguingly pitched "Assassin's Creed meets Red Dead Redemption" title Faith and a .45, the lost Star Trek game, and, of course, the CD-ROM add-on for the Super NES.  Here's a taste of the list with a bit of Castlevania:

There's no shortage of reasons to mourn the Dreamcast's passing. Among them is Castlevania: Resurrection, which would have been Konami America's first time developing an entry for the series. It also would've been Castlevania's third attempt to break the third-dimension barrier without being horrible. Most of what we know about the game is, again, thanks to a post-mortem interview. Art director Greg Orduyan explained that Resurrection was on track, and would have taken more cues from the side-scrolling era by putting a greater emphasis on linearity. But there was tension between the Japanese and American teams involved, and the announcement of the PS2 diverted attention and priorities elsewhere, specifically away from Resurrection. 

Strangely enough, some of these lost things came back in smaller ways.  Star Fox 2's core ideas went on to show up in Star Fox 64 (and the entirety of Star Fox 2 was leaked online years ago) and EarthBound 64's storyline turned up for the Game Boy Advance as Mother 3.  Even when things are gone, they're not completely forgotten.

(Image via Castlevania Dungeon)