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Mega Man X CollectionAre you heartbroken that you never bothered to scoop up your own new copy of Capcom's Mega Man X Collection for the Sony PlayStation 2 back in 2006?  If so, then take heart.  Word on the street from Protodude's Rockman Corner is that freshly printed copies of the game are appearing in stores here and there.  How much you'll pay for such a thing is up for grabs though.  Some stores are charging a budget-friendly $19.99, while others are going full retail for $39.99.  If you're interested, try your luck and shop around.

The re-printed X Collection apparently comes in the new flimsy, eco-friendly PS2 DVD cases, which noticeably lack the memory card slip above the disc holder. The new packaging alone is a clear indicator the game has seen an official resupply. There's been no sign of a GameCube reprint, currently.

I wrote a long, exhaustive review for Kombo back in the day that breaks down each game on the disc (that's all six Mega Man X titles and the import racer Mega Man: Battle & Chase for those keeping score at home), and my recollection is that the first four X titles are fantastic followed by a so-so fifth entry and a dismal sixth.  For $20 the set is a steal, for $40 it's probably a little overpriced; the sweet spot must be somewhere in between.