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Marge Simpson Looks Down On Violent Video Games In "Treehouse Of Horror XXI"

It would seem that the Funtendo Zii has become a fixed point in the world of The Simpsons, as the Nintendo Wii-like video game console turned up on the series again in this year's Halloween-themed "Treehouse of Horror XXI" episode.  In the first segment of the episode, "War and Pieces", Bart and his perennial buddy Milhouse are enjoying a military-themed shoot-'em-up adventure when Marge notices the carnage on display.  She insists that the boys play more wholesome, less violent board games, leading to a Jumanji parody in which a innocently-named Satan's Path brings traditional board games to life.  Enjoy the entire segment here via Hulu and stick around past the opening for one more barb aimed at games and their critics as Bart uses his gaming knowledge to solve the problem at hand.