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Wii Remote Plus

Nintendo sent over a copy of the upcoming FlingSmash for the Wii yesterday, and guess what I found packed in the box?  A new Wii remote.  There's something different about this remote, however.  It's black, for one.  A sleek glossy black, in fact.  My white Wii remote can't do that.  The black remote is also wrapped in a jacket which my white remote also doesn't do (never bothered to get one because I don't play the Wii like a spaz).  The black remote also — and here's the biggie — has Wii MotionPlus technology built right into it, making it a Wii Remote Plus.  How does it compare to the standard Wii remote?  It seems about the same, actually.  It fits comfortably in the hand, feels a little heavier (although that mainly seems due to the jacket), the buttons are "clickier" (if that's not a word, it is now), and it has that new remote smell.  I'll have more thoughts on the remote including how well it works in my upcoming FlingSmash review (sneak preview: it works pretty well so far).

Oh, and there was something someone else in the box, too.  Check him out:


It's Zip!  The lovable yellow wild-haired hero of FlingSmash!  How cute!