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Weekly Poll: NESessities

Weekly Poll for 10-12-2010It looks like the majority of you out there are passing on Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog 4 which is really a shame.  While at first I was frustrated with the game for it's seemingly broken physics (and you'll hear me say as much on the upcoming Episode 26 of Power Button), after taking some advice given by Joey Davidson during the show, I started to approach the game in a different way and tried to work with Sonic's changed movement structure.  Now I'm starting to "get it", as it were, and am working with the game's pace instead of trying to break free of it.  It's a much more enjoyable experience when played this way.  I picked up the Sony PlayStation 3 version and have just about finished with it.  All that's left to do is collect the remaining Chaos Emeralds and complete the final boss (who, admitedly, is a complete pain to challenge).  Don't overlook Sonic 4 based on sour Internet chatter.  There is a game worth playing here.

Moving on, this week marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System's release in North America.  Despite being long outdone by newer, more advanced hardware, the NES still has a soft spot in many hearts.  Do you still own a NES?  If not, what happened to it?  Let's hear your experiences and your thoughts.