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Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary

Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo's various European divisions are going all out to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the company's landmark Super Mario Bros., but for whatever reason, Nintendo of America hasn't seen fit to join in the fun.  Japanese Nintendo fans have been privy to custom commemorative Wii and DSi units as well as a slight reworking of the original Famicom game to replace all of the "?" blocks with "25" blocks.  There are even some fantastic desktop wallpapers to mark the occasion.  One of those wallpapers revels in classic Mario character artwork from the past quarter of a century along with the dates from which those pieces of art originate.  That's all well and good for Japan, but if you're a North American Super Mario fan, you'll find that those dates clash with what you know to be true.  Yes, Japan started enjoying Super Mario Bros. 3 in 1988, but here in North America we had to wait until 1990.  Meanwhile, Mario's vegetable-plucking adventure hit Japanese shores in 1992, but North America had Super Mario Bros. 2 way back in 1988.  Not content to sit back and use wallpaper that had my pedantic hackles raised, I took it upon myself to perform a little editing magic and create the North American version of this image.

Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary

Feel free to download it and resize it to meet your needs.  Note that I didn't have to do anything to edit the dates or order of titles from 1996 to present, showing that once Nintendo got its act together regarding timely releases of localized products, it didn't look back (to the benefit of everyone).