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Super Mario All-Stars For Wii Heads Abroad

Super Mario All-Stars

The commemorative anniversary release of Nintendo's Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii is headed out of Japan after all, as the compilation has been set for a European release.  Yes, including the soundtrack CD, booklet, and retrospective DVD.  Best of all, the box art on display at Nintendo of Sweden's website is in English (the related press release is not, however), meaning that we could be one step closer to seeing All-Stars turn up in North America.  After all, the localization may well already be done.  Oh, and don't get too excited over that gray question mark next to the images of the four games included on the disc.  I'm pretty sure that's just a placeholder for the PEGI rating and not a tease of hidden unlockables.  Alright, Nintendo of America.  The ball's in your court.  Make this one happen!

(via Kotaku)