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Nintendo Anniversary iPhone Wallpapers Are Neat

Mario iPhone wallpaper It seems that I'm not the only one remixing Nintendo's commemorative Super Mario Bros. anniversary desktop wallpapers.  The always-interesting Tiny Cartridge is offering a collection of wallpapers for the Apple iPhone (both older and newer versions) and Palm Pre that feature nifty imagery of Mario, Famicoms, and everyone's favorite Robotic Operating Buddy to mark both the Super Mario anniversary and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America.  Get 'em while they're relevant!  These have arrived just in time as I'm becoming bored with the generic raindrop background or whatever that is that ships with the iPhone 4.  Time to customize, I think!  If you happen to know of any fantastic sources of gaming-related iPhone wallpapers, feel free to speak up.  As much as I like Mario, I'm not against having more options (Mega Man, Castlevania, or EarthBound would be nice...).