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Microsoft Kinect Launch Titles Revealed

KinectimalsIf you've been saving your spare change for the past few months in order to buy a Kinect for your Microsoft Xbox 360 next month then it's time to start planning on which games to pick up when you cash in your pennies.  Microsoft has announced the first wave of Kinect titles (seventeen in all) that you'll find on store shelves this holiday season.  It looks as if the company is following the Nintendo Wii model of success, as everything on the list easily falls into the casual department.  Want a motion-controlled cartoony sports game?  Done.  Jamming dance title?  You got it.  Empty calorie party game?  Covered.  Exercise fitness motivation software?  Jump in.  Here's the full list via Major Nelson:

  • Kinect Adventures
  • Kineticimals
  • Game Party: In Motion
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1: The Video Game
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
  • Dance Central
  • The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout
  • DanceMasters
  • EA Sports Active 2
  • Zumba Fitness
  • Kinect Sports
  • MotionSports
  • DECA Sports Freedom
  • Kinect Joy Ride
  • Adrenalin Misfits
  • Fighters Uncaged
  • Sonic Free Riders

I know that I go hard on Microsoft at times, but it's only because I expect a company with such a long history of development to actually innovate instead of just blatantly copy the competition.  Everything on this launch list is the same kind of watered down shovelware or oversaturated "enough already" experience that can be found on the Wii.  I understand that the Kinect initiative is Microsoft's attempt at luring away the the Nintendo audience, but I was hoping for more from the peripheral than a generic fluffy family-friendly experience.  There was so much potential for the Kinect to offer something new right out of the gate, but instead we get variations on Wii Sports and Wii FitThere are some actual core-oriented titles coming next year, but in an industry where initial impressions can be everything, I have to say that the Kinect launch library does not impress at first glance.

(via Kotaku)