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Just Cause: The Movie In The Works

Just Cause 2Players of Just Cause 2 for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC have racked up some impressive statistics in six months worth of progress, but what do you think a Hollywood movie studio could do with the property given the chance?  Joystiq has word from a variety of sources that a pitch is in the works to turn the popular action/mayhem game into a feature film.

The Just Cause film will apparently focus on the story of Rico "The Scorpion" Rodriguez as he takes on "deadly missions for the US government that come in the form of creating chaos and destabilizing rogue nations from within and turning the bad guys against each other."

Goodness knows that I'd go see Just Cause: The Movie.  The basic premise requires that it be wall-to-wall action with little time for characterization or pointless world building.  This is a franchise that's all about blowing up the world, after all.  I'm not sure who I'd cast as Rico Rodriguez, but let's get Joe Don Baker as Tom Sheldon and Lucy Liu as Bolo Santosi.  Most importantly, I insist on a full orchestral arrangement of Just Cause 2's rocking title theme.  In the right hands, this project could really be something special.