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Gran Turismo 5 ForeverNearly five years ago Sony and Polyphony Digital announced the racing simulator/game to end all racing simulators/games, Gran Turismo 5.  An ambitious project in every sense of the word, the latest Turismo has been poised to rock racing fans despite a variety of "coming soon" announcements pushing release further and further away.  Finally a release date was set for the week of November 2, 2010 worldwide, but earlier this week it was announced that the game had to endure one more delay.  There are plenty of theories in the community as to what caused the delay, but because I love a good conspiracy, my favorite involves a last-minute update to the game's security measures in the wake of the recent PS Jailbreak development.  Here's an explanation via GTPlanet.

The problem arose when [Sony Consumer Entertainment] mandated [Software Development Kit] 350 on all games releasing after after October, GT5 was about to go gold running on SDK 341, but it has been delayed by around a week so that they can update to SDK 350. This has caused a big headache for the manufacturing side, given how big this game is missing the gold date by even a week can cause a months worth of delay as slots are already taken up at this time of year for Blu-ray movies and such. So Sony had to find a 3 week slot big enough to make 7m+ copies of this and get them shipped out.

If you want to blame anyone, I would direct it at the pirates and hackers, SCE never had any real SDK restrictions before firmware 3.41 was compromised.

Fascinating stuff if true, and it certainly seems likely to me given Sony's ongoing reaction to the jailbreaking situation.  Now I wasn't planning on playing GT5 (not my genre, really) so I'm not directly impacted by this delay, but I know of several people who are disappointed and/or livid by this announcement.  Most are frustrated but are patient, while a few are so outraged that they're canceling preorders and vowing that they just don't care about the game at all anymore.  The latter reaction just shocks me.  You've come this far waiting for the game and now you're going to bail out so close to the finish line?  Nobody likes a delay, but they do happen in this industry and we have to be tolerant of that.  Gran Turismo 5 is still coming, after all.  Just not on November 2.

(Image via Reddit)